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Spells to Stop Someone from Moving Away
Spells to Stop Someone from Moving Away

Spells to Stop Someone from Moving Away

Before we get into discussing the spells to stop someone from moving away, you must one unwavering fact of life. A relationship is probably the only area of life where one can feel both strong and vulnerable at the same time. The relationship when healthy, can be the fort that protects you from pain, sorrow,and depression. On the other hand, Relationship when unhealthy can be the Tsunami that can wipe away your existence.

Spells to Stop Someone from Moving Away
Spells to Stop Someone from Moving Away

There are a plethora of reasons why two individuals in a relationship can’t get along. There’s an entire industry of Self-Help Books and Relationship Experts who are trying to tell you how to nurture, protect and cherish your relationship. The fact that there are so many services should alone tell you that it’s one of the most common of situations in an individual’s life.

This alone should make you wonder why a relationship is such a big challenge for humans. Why can’t we get along with a fellow individual, especially when love is the reason both have come together in the first place.

While there is enough analysis spreading on the internet on why relationships fail, the fact of the matter is at times, it’s just as unpredictable as fate. Some relationships work, some don’t. No matter how strong your desire is, there’s nothing you can do to change the course of destiny in this matter. Yes, at times, you can influence a person’s thought process, but there is no spell, charm or magic to change the emotion or feeling of an individual. You simply can’t make someone love you.

But if you would want a fighting chance to win the love of a person, you will want the other person to stay with you longer, so you can get a fighting chance at saving your relationship. In such a case, you can use the spells to stop someone from moving away.

But before we dwell into the voodoo spells or the witchcraft charms, you must realize any form of magic comes with a price. If you are to cast it, you are binding your soul to the soul of this other person on an ethereal realm which cannot be broken easily. Unless you are sure that the person you want to cast the spell on is the person you want to spend your life with, do not try the spells to stop someone from moving away.

With that understanding, if you have still made up your mind that you need to save your relationship and stop your partner from going away, you can follow the instructions given below to cast this spellsThere is more than one way to cast spells to stop someone from moving away. You can choose any one ritual as per your comfort level.




  • This spell is called anointing Voodoo Oil spell.
  • You will need household cooking oil for this.
  • Take a bottle cap of any plastic bottle that you have in the house.
  • Pour some oil into the plastic cap.
  • Dip your eyelashes in the oil and keep it overnight.
  • Ask your partner to dip his finger in it for at least a minute. Do whatever it takes to make him oblige. This is a critical step.
  • While He is doing it, hold his wrist like you are checking his pulse.
  • Now, take his hand and quickly raise his finger to your lips. Smear the oil on his finger on to your lips.
  • Now go ahead and kiss him with closed lips.
  • He may not understand why and what you are doing but the effect of the ritual will take place almost instantly.
  • He will be enamored by your beauty and wouldn’t stop kissing you.


  • This is the most powerful of all the voodoo spells out there.
  • For this, you will need to acquire a personal concern that belongs to your partner. A strand of his hair, a speck of lint from his belly button or a piece of his clothing.
  • Weave a human figure doll using his old clothes pieces and glue the personal concern to this doll’s head.
  • Put small swatches of his other personal concerns to the respective spots on the doll. For instance, if you have a shoelace, then glue it to the doll’s feet.
  • When done right, this doll will harness the soul of your partner and everything that you do to this doll will happen to your partner in real life.
  • Now, pin your Voodoo doll to the bed, where under your partner’s pillow.
  • Now, lie on the bed, beside the doll and converse with it as you would with your partner.
  • Your partner, wherever he is will sense your words as if you are speaking directly to him. He will be swayed in by your words and return to you.

There are more spells to stop someone from moving away, but the two rituals mentioned above is more than enough to get you the desired outcome.

Spells to Stop Someone from Moving Away
Spells to Stop Someone from Moving Away

Any occult practice involves some amount of risk. When you are attempting to cast spells to stop someone from moving away, you are basically trying to manipulate the energies of the universe. Naturally, there will be some backlash. Unless you have mastered the ritual, it’s highly dangerous to initiate any of the spells to do it. It’s far safer if you rather consult a voodoo expert to do the ritual or at least know all the pros and cons of the process.

The Voodoo Expert serves as a protective valve who filters out the negative energies from casting of the spells to stop someone from moving away and helps you reap benefit from the positive energies.


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