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Break Up Spells with Lemon
Break Up Spells with Lemon

Break Up Spells with Lemon

Break Up Spells with Lemon
Break Up Spells with Lemon

The voodoo break spells is art of spells has always been looked up with much dismay, given its occult origin. But what the modern world considers as occult, the ancient generation had learned by interacting with nature through several trials and errors. Now, it’s up to us whether to shun such knowledge or use it to our advantage.

For instance, if you wish to separate a couple in love, cause a permanent rift in a relationship and do it without hurting anyone, then there is break up spells. Why lemon, you may wonder. The Lemon is one of the most used ingredients in any form of the occult spell casting quite like the breakup spells with lemon.

Lemon is the quintessential ingredient of any black magic ritual, perhaps due to its absorbent attribute that it is considered as a vessel to hold the energy of the spell and pass it off when it’s crushed by the victim.

Lemons are considered to be directly linked to the moon and water elements such that they can absorb and resound energy from these elements. In many cultures, it’s considered never to step on the lemon fell on the path as it would mean that any spell cast on the lemon will pass on to the unsuspecting victim.

break up spells using lemon

In case of the break up spells with lemon, the aim is different. Lemon represents a lot of emotions and energies. When you cast the spell intended to break the relationship that is what reverberates through lemon as it works in turning the relationship sour and undesirable.

The way for the break up spells with lemon works is it takes focused negative energy from one source and transfers it to another. In the world of the occult, everything is mere energy in different shapes, forms,and sizes. When you transcend from the ordinary conditioning to an evolved understanding, you can see the energy flowing all around you. Those who have mastered the art of occult are in possession of such wisdom and knowledge that they cannot just manipulate the flow of energy but even direct it as required.

The break up spells with lemon is just an example of how powerful voodoo art is in changing the course of one’s fate. You can practically see the spell in action right in front of you. As you chose a couple and cast the spells upon them, within weeks the lovers will drift away from each other. At the outset, it may seem so natural that it would be hard to believe that the breakup spells with lemon are making the whole thing happen.

Break Up Spells with Lemon
Break Up Spells with Lemon

But since you have done it, you would know how and why it all started. The break up spells with lemon is a safe way to break any relationship. No one gets harmed and no laws are broken. Rather, you are just harnessing the laws of nature and using it to your advantage.


  1. A piece of fresh unused lemon.
  2. A sharp knife
  3. A blank white paper and a red-colored pen.
  4. A photograph of the couple together.
  5. A black plastic bag and thread.
  6. Salt and Pepper
  7. Candle and matchstick


  • Tear the blank paper in two pieces.
  • Write the name of the boy in one and the girl in another.
  • Cut the lemon in two pieces
  • Roll the piece of paper and stuff one in each piece of the lemon.
  • Sprinkle salt and pepper on the surface of each piece of lemon.
  • Light the candle and recite the given spell as you seal the surface of each lemon piece with candle wax.
  • Put the two pieces in the plastic bag and tie the open end of the bag.
  • Bury the bag with the lemon somewhere safe in the ground

For the break up spells with lemon to work, you will need to chant a mantra. Ideally, as long as you do the ritual with clear, precise intent, it should be enough, but to ensure, the thoughts are aligned, it’s better you chant a mantra for the break up spells with lemon.

“Take this couple that I see

Love is gone, unhappy be

Knots of discord, knots of hate

Soon to part is their fate

With this spell, I know I’ve won

I curse their love to come undone.”

Whatever be the reason, if you wish a breakup for your relationship or for someone else, who you care about, don’t just sit and wish for it. You can actually do something about it and that too without breaking any law or committing any sin using the break up spells with lemon.

Love can be a complicated thing. Especially, when people change over time. What was once beautiful turns mundane and even unbearable. That is when one should get out of the relationship. But this is of course easier said than done. Often it is easier to get into than, getting out of it. But if you see a relationship going nowhere and believe the best thing for both individuals involved in it is to part ways, then you can make it happen by using it.


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