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Best Moon Phases for Love Spells
Best Moon Phases for Love Spells

Best Moon Phases for Love Spells

Best Moon Phases for Love Spells
Best Moon Phases for Love Spells

Most people would think the Moon is just a planet that reflects the rays of the Sun and rotates around the Earth and nothing beyond that. Of course, the moon has been associated with love and romance in literature and in films. But if you required one clear example of the power of the moon, you must see how the waves of the sea demonstrate high tides on full moon days and low tides during new moon period. That is the kind of influence that Moon has on elements. Now, experienced practitioners have found ways to cast love spells using the phases of the Moon that are favourable for such spells to succeed. But you must first understand how the different Moon phases work and then know which are the best Moon phases for love spells.

The Important Phases of the Moon

The geophysical happening you witness with your naked eyes is that the moon appears somewhere around the evening and fades away by the morning when the Sun’s rays appear. The phenomenon of the Moon is its slow waning till the New Moon day and then again gaining in size to the Full Moon day. Astrologers and other experts have studied this 30-day cycle and found four phases of seven days each, leaving the Full Moon and New Moon days. They call these the Full Moon, Waning Moon, Waxing Moon and New Moon. It is out of these phases that the best Moon phases for love spells are chosen. Practitioners use the different phases for different purposes while casting magical spells.

The Best Phase for Love Spell

You must have already guessed by now that it is the Full Moon phase that is ideal for performing any type of magical spell. Ideally, on the Full Moon day itself if you can conduct the spell, it will work in your favour. If you are unable to carryout the ritual on that day you can choose a day or two after the Full Moon day. Since the impact is at its highest on the Full Moon day, it has to be as close to that day as possible.

How to Cast the Love Spell

Having chosen the best Moon phases for love spell, you must understand how exactly the spell is cast. However, it is essential for you to first understand that there is no single method to cast the spell for love. There are several ways the procedure could be carried out. In each case, there are some ingredients of everyday usage needed to complete the ritual.

A few love spells to be performed during the Full Moon phase are given here:

Candle and Gemstone: In this procedure you must light a red-coloured candle and a gemstone in pink colour which is called the Moonstone. The spell is cast like this: you have to light the candle and pass the gemstones over the flame of the candle and place them on a piece of paper. You can use a piece of red cloth instead of the paper as well. The other things to be done here is to take out a couple of seeds from an apple and keep them also inside this cloth and wrap it up. Before doing this, you can bring forth to your mind’s eye the image of your lover and pray that her love is captured as you have placed the seeds in the cloth. You must put the small bundle away at a secret location and forget about it. By secret location, it is meant a place where it won’t be seen or touched by anyone. These spells demand that no third person gets to know or touch any of these stuffs that are used while casting the spell. If it were to happen like that then there can be undesirable consequences.

Best Moon Phases for Love Spells
Best Moon Phases for Love Spells

A Simple Procedure: In this, love spell, you must move to a place, preferably the roof or a balcony where you can see the Full Moon and its rays are falling on where you are located. You will need a piece of paper and charcoal. Using the charcoal, you can write the name of person, whose love you want directed at you. Now showing this paper with the name to the Full Moon, bring that person’s image right in front of your eyes and pray or bind that person in love for a few seconds. Experts advise that for some immediate impact, you can arrange to meet the lover that very night. The love spell would have been cast already.

Spell to Regain Love:

This ritual involves lighting candles in the shape of a heart. Experts recommend nine candles to be lit. This, again, needs to be performed directly under Moonlight. Once you have lit the candles, place any object that your estranged partner has used. It can be anything; a dress or any personal effect. After lighting the candles and placing the object in the middle, you invoke the power of the Full Moon to have its effect on the lover and make him/her return to your life with all the love that originally existed.

These are quite simple procedures, but have been found to have profound effect in terms of the best Moon phases for love spells. You are not doing any unnatural act and the spell is cast with the best of intentions and with a positive frame of mind. No negative vibes are envisaged and no harm to anyone is intended. The love spells, if performed in all sincerity and without deviating from the advice given by the practitioner or expert advisor, will work.

The only aspects you must remember are that any spell is an act of magic and should be conducted in secrecy. Don’t divulge any detail to anybody. Even otherwise, the feeling of love is exclusively between you and your partner. No third entity needs to get involved. And you are inviting the Full Moon to your assistance in binding your partner to your love. If the spells succeed you will find happiness in life and that is the final objective of choosing the best Moon phases for love spells.


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