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Wiccan Spells To Attract Love
Wiccan Spells To Attract Love

Wiccan Spells To Attract Love

Wiccan spells to attract love is a spells that work to bring back lost love and attract love into your life. you also use this spells to find true love and enjoy worry free life with your soulmate.

Love is an essential aspect of a human’s life. People deprived of love go crazy. They sometimes feel lonely, have low self-esteem. Also sometimes due to lack of love people suffer from frustration, become short-tempered, they lose their logical thinking.

Wiccan Spells To Attract Love
Wiccan Spells To Attract Love

According to some studies, they also run a risk of heart attack as the absence of love is a kind of mental stress a human experience. According to recent research, there is a particular type of enzyme that develops in our body when it does not produce oxytocin (an enzyme that secretes when we are being loved). When it happens frequently or more extended period, our body develops a tendency to develop cancer cells nodules.

So love is a need of a human mind as well as the human body. Carnal needs are well known and visible. So, how to attract love in life? There are many love gurus out there who teach you how to do it, but it requires a lot of skill set and an already developed approach as well as mentality. The things they show yield results only acted upon certain people. Also, just by a few people can master these techniques. Not everybody can benefit from these techniques.

Then what is the solution? The solution is simple: Wiccan spells to attract love. It a well-known methodology not just emerged long way back but also have evolved over thousands of year by now. These spells have developed more advanced techniques. So using Wiccan spells to attract love could be your best bet.

Wiccan Spells To Bring Back Lost Love

It was a very disheartening feeling when you had something, but you lost now. Sometimes it feels, what if you didn’t have it in the first place? At least you wouldn’t have had to go through the sorrow of losing it now. Well, there are Wiccan spells to bring back lost love too.

Here is spell for you. Follow the complete step by step process, and in no time you would find yourself with your long lost love again laughing, enjoying, bringing back those special moments again in reality.

Wash you ritual floor. Kindly note that this ritual has to be performed on the ground. Your body is needed to be in contact with the earth element. Let the stones, soil, and touch your feet. Do not even wear any footwear. Now you have to draw a circle around you.

This has to be done on the sand on a beach. You have to find such type of a beach that there is as less number of people as you can have. Stand at such a distance from the seashore that the weaves only touch your feet. The water has to be calm in such a manner that it does not get sprinkled on your body.

You have to choose the timing of 5:30 pm. Have three dried sticks of a lemon tree. You will have to find it from somewhere. Keep each stick at 90-degree angle from each other, touching at a single end to others. Ignite a bonfire. And feel the breeze. Stand at least for 10 minutes. This is one of the most potent Wiccan spells to bring back lost love.

Wiccan Spell To Attract Love Into Your Life

Life could sometimes be so cruel. No matter what we do, we do not find love of life. Or even if we do, we can get it reciprocated. Well, but there is something that you can do about it. Here is a Wiccan spell to attract love into your life.

First of all, you will have to find a room which has a chimney. You have to ignite a fire on the floor, in a raw vessel made up of soil. If you don’t have one, you can make one. You need something to hold the woods and sustain the fire. Now, first of all, put coconut in it. Make sure you put a hole in it. Now, this hole is not anywhere you want. Make a hole exactly where the coconut eye is. Let the water drip from the hole. Now put some dried banyan tree leaves in it.

You have to put 11 drops of pure ghee. You will find it in Indian or organic stores. Furthermore, give it the woods. Stand from approximately 3 feet away from the flames. Now, you have to position the fire vessel in such a way that direct sunlight is upon it from the chimney. You need the direct sunlight or at least an indirect light of the sun to fall upon the ignited fire.

Just stand there, spread your hand, close your eyes and make a sound aa from your throat. Do not make a typical speaking sound. It has to be as low pitched as possible. Finally, remember your love in your mind. This Wiccan spell to attract love into your life has to be performed every week.

Wiccan Spells To Find True Love

Most of the people all are into romantic relationships. But how many of them have genuine emotions involved? Many of the people out there get required in such relationships merely to fulfill their physical desires.

Not all people want just enjoy with body; they need to find true love, a genuine connection with someone, a soul mate with whom they can be deeply connected. Well, there certainly are some Wiccan spells to find true love that you can use to make your life more meaningful.

First of all, you have to cleanse the floor area around where you stand with saltwater. Make sure it is lukewarm water. The heat from the water is used to intensify the power of your spell, and the salt helps to keep evil minds away or to lessen their influence which acts against your spells’ authority.

Now you have to draw a circle around you. Do not use a hand; use something that exists naturally in nature like a stick, a stone, etc. Furthermore, this circle has to be drawn in the air approximately at the height of your hip.

While the spell takes place, some people also see a violet color light when they drew the line in the air because this is one of the most magical Wiccan spells to find true love.

Now you have to visualize all positive aspects of your true love: all those things that you want, or desire. Finally, imagine you are old, and now you have a sense of fulfillment because you lived your entire life with your true love.

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