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Love Spells Using Bay Leaves
Love Spells Using Bay Leaves

Love Spells Using Bay Leaves

Love Spells Using Bay Leaves or bay leaf attraction love spell can be use to as contact me spell. Our tantra expert will provide you wish spells with bay leaves.

Love Spells Using Bay Leaves
Love Spells Using Bay Leaves

Love spells using bay leaves are authentic and powerful. They heal every love problem. Moreover, they are easy and are harmless.

Accordingly, Consider These Spells;

  • Mix lavender oil, marigold petals, one bay leaf, vanilla pod and lemongrass. Then, brew them like a tea. Now, keep it in a bottle. Mix some of it in your bathing water. Also, light one red candle on each corner of the bathtub. Then, stand before the mirror. Chant a spell for 101 times. Now, blow over your bathtub water and bathe. Do this for seven days. Finally, on the 8th day your lover ill return.
  • Again, relax and stand in the centre. With clear intention light a candle. Now, stare into its flame and visualise your desire. Then, write your intention on a bay leaf. Burn it in the fire and send it to the universe. Afterwards, extinguish the candle.
  • Furthermore, write your lover’s name on a bay leaf. Then, burn it in a candle flame. Simultaneously, visualise your intention strongly. Wait till it burns to ashes. You should, however, do this spell for five times at midnight. It is equally a powerful love spell.
  • Again, on a full moon, write your lover’s name on a paper. Then, visualise your dream coming true. Fold it into thirds and insert three bay leaves. Repeat the process and store it in a dark place. Afterwards, burn it as a thanks-giving.

Hence, you should attempt love spells using bay leaves.

Bay Leaf Attraction Love Spell

Bay leaf attraction love spell makes your lover obsessed with you. Hence, you should cast it for acquiring your love.

As Such, Try These Spells;

  • Write your wish on a bay leaf with the original ink. After casting your spell burn it in a candle flame. Now, repeat your wish affirmation. Then, offer gratitude to the universe by looking up at the sky. Finally, scatter the ashes outside on a windy day. Bay leaf removes negativity and sends your request to the universe.
  • Again, set up your altar. Keep your bay leaves and your marker on the candle’s left side. Also, keep a fireproof bowl on its right side. On each small leaf write your wishes. However, leave the stem to hold it. One by one lights them with a candle flame. As the leaves go up in the flame, clearly and loudly manifest your intention. Later, drop them in the bowl. Finally, dispose the ashes outside your home.
  • Furthermore, mix lavender oil, vanilla pod, one bay leaf, five marigold petals and lemongrass. Then, make a brew like tea. Mix it in your bathtub water and bathe with it. Do it for seven days. Also, light one red candle on each corner of your bathtub stand in front of the mirror. Now, chant a spell for 101 times. You will receive good news on the 8th day after your spell.

Therefore, you, too, should try the smooth and effective bay leaf attractive love spell.

Wish Spells With Bay Leaves

Wish Spells With Bay Leaves, You can use wish spells with bay leaves. They will overcome negative energies and fulfil your dreams. Moreover, they are easy-to-use.

In This Regard, Try These Spells;

  • Take a coloured candle that represents your wish. Now, light it and focus on your intent as much as you can. Then, write your request on a bay leaf. After your meditation, put it in the candle flame. Also, allow it to burn and drop into the fireproof bowl. Wait for it to burn completely. Finally, throw the ashes into the air, outside your home.
  • Again, on a new moon, write your wish on a paper. Now, fold it into thirds. Keep three bay leaves inside it. Then, hide it in a dark place. Visualise your wish coming true. After your wishes get fulfilled, burn the paper immediately. It will express gratitude to the universe. However, keep this spell a secret.
  • Furthermore, come into your circle. Take some deep breaths and calm yourself. Now, light a candle. Stare into its flame and visualise your manifestation. Then, write your short and specific wish on a bay leaf. Now, burn it in the flame. Thus, send your request to the universe. Allow it to burn out. Finally, snuff out the candle. You should also offer thanks to the universe. Later, collect the ashes and dispose them in the air. Again, do this spell secretly to make the magic intense.

Therefore, you can easily use wish spells with bay leaves.

Bay Leaf Contact Me Spell

Bay Leaf Contact Me Spell, Do you wish to get an immediate call from your lover? Then, do not delay. Immediately cast a bay leaf to contact me spell.

In This Regard, Consider These Spells;

  • This bay leaf white magic spell will only work when you have a powerful desire. Pick up a bay leaf on a crescent moon. Use a pen to write your lover’s name, surname and date of birth on it. Now, switch off your mobile phone. Place it face down and put a leaf on the top of the battery. Then, take your phone and a leaf in your hand. Now, chant a spell three times. Then, switch on your phone. You can repeat it a couple of times a day. Finally, wait for him to contact you. Also, shun negative thoughts to make it happen.
  • Again, on a large bay leaf, write your lover’s name. Now, you can put it on your phone’s mask. You can also stick it to it. Then, chant your spell. The bay leaf will empower this spell and remove negative energies. It will also strengthen your desire. Your lover will soon contact you.
  • Furthermore, write your lover’s name on a bay leaf. Now, add a drop of red food colouring. You can also add red candle wax. Then, burn the leaf. Simultaneously, chant your spell. Focus on your desire. Within three days you will get positive results.

Thus, you will immensely benefit from a bay leaf contact me spell.

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