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Durga Mantra To Control Husband
Durga Mantra To Control Husband

Durga Mantra To Control Husband

Durga Mantra and vashikaran tips To Control Husband can be use for husband love. We will provide you solution about your question as how to control husband by vashikaran mantra?

Which Durga Mantra Use To Control Husband?

The wife can have a miserable time if her husband does not listen to her. Her married life can become hell. For example, since her husband does not listen to her, the in-laws will take her for granted. She will lose confidence. She will not have peace of mind. Therefore, the wife must make use of the Durga mantra to control her husband.

If you follow the process of the Durga mantra correctly, then everything will be alright. Many women have used the Durga mantra to control husband. Once the mantra is used, your husband will listen to you. Secondly, he will start loving you. Finally, it will make your marital life blissful and happy.

So, let us see which is the Durga mantra to control the husband. It is as follow:

Durge Devi NamastubhayanSarva Marth Sadhikey |Mum Siddhim Siddhi WaSarvapeySarvaPradashey

Next, let us see the procedure that you must follow for this mantra. There is nothing complicated to do. Firstly, have your bath early morning. Next, worship Durga Devi. Secondly, say the Durga mantra as many times as possible. Finally, pray to Durga Devi for bringing back love in your married life. Tell her to help you in controlling your husband.

Durga Mantra To Control Husband
Durga Mantra To Control Husband

You must use this mantra only if your husband is not in your control. If you use it with bad intentions, then the mantra will not work. It will backfire, and you will lose happiness.

Which Vashikaran Tips Use To Control Husband?

Vashikaran Tips To Control Husband, In the life of a woman, her husband is very important. But if the husband does not listen to her, then she cannot be happy. Sometimes the only way out is to use vashikaran.

But before you use vashikaran tips to control husband, there are some things that you must remember. First of all, use the tips with a pure heart. Secondly, do not misuse the tips. Finally, always have faith in God.

Now, let us see some vashikaran tips to control the husband. The first tip you must start on a Wednesday. After sunset visit the temple of Maa Parvati in red saree. Next, do five rounds of the temple.

Secondly, offer rice, coconut, a blouse piece, and Haldi Kumkum to Mata Parvati. Next, take little rice and raise your hand, and put back the rice. Do this seven times. Finally, take prasad and make sure that your husband eats it.

Here are some more vashikaran tips to control their husband. You must try to please Annapurna Devi. For this, you have to say one mantra. That is om namami Annapurna. Firstly, say this mantra when you are cooking food. Secondly, say the mantra when you are serving food to your husband.

Finally, make sure that you pray to Annapurna Devi every day. Ask her to help you prepare the best food so that your husband is always happy with you.

To perform all these rituals properly, it is better to meet a vashikaran specialist. First, tell him about your problem. Next, he will check the planetary condition of you and your husband and will then give you the best tips for the same.

Which Durga Mantra Use For Husband Love?

Durga Mantra For Husband Love, If your husband does not love you, then what is left in your life. But do not lose hope the Durga mantra for husband love can surely help you get back your husband’s love.

But for this, you have to use this mantra correctly. First, meet a good astrologer. Tell him about your problem. Next, he will tell you all the things that must do to please Mata Durga. This will help you to get your husband’s love back.

When you check with the astrologer about the Durga mantra for husband love, then he will ask you to say the Durga Saptashati Vashikaran mantra. This is a powerful mantra and can help in many ways.

First of all, it will help you to get back the love of your husband. Secondly, it will help you control your husband. But all this is possible when you follow the rules that the vashikaran specialist tells you.

The rules for the Durga mantra for husband love are as follows. First of all, you have to say this mantra continuously for 21 days. Next, you have to do pooja of Mata Durga and offer her prasad every day.

Secondly, in these 21 days, you must eat only vegetarian food that has been cooked at home. Thirdly, during this period, you have to consume unprocessed salt. Finally, do not eat onion and garlic in these 21 days.

FAQ About Durga Mantra To Control Husband

How To Control Husband By Vashikaran Mantra?

Sometimes the husband may be totally out of control. For example, he will keep shouting at his wife. Or he will abuse his wife. If you are also going through this agony, then you have to use the vashikaran mantra. We are sure you are asking how to control the husband by vashikaran mantra? The vashikaran method is a tough thing. So, make sure that you do it properly. If you want to know how to control the husband by vashikaran mantra, then you have first to find the best vashikaran specialist. Next, tell him the issues. Secondly, show him your birth charts. This specialist will check the problem. Finally, he will tell you the correct mantra that you have to recite and will also tell you about the process. Once you get an answer to how to control the husband by vashikaran mantra, there is one more thing that you can do. First, on a Friday, take two red coloured sarees. Next, go to the Parvati Mata temple. Next, do pooja and offer both the sarees to Mata Parvati. After this, one saree donate to a needy person in the temple. The other saree you must bring home. Wear the saree at night and let the saree touch your husband. Keep in mind that you have to do this for 5 Fridays. The mantra and this tip will help you control your husband. He will listen to you. He will start loving you, and you will get back your lost happiness.

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