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Full Moon Love Spells To Bring Back Lover
Full Moon Love Spells To Bring Back Lover

Full Moon Love Spells To Bring Back Lover

Full Moon Love Spells To Bring Back Lover or full moon relationship spells can be use as desire love spells. You can also use our full moon manifestation spells for maximum result.

Full moon return love spells or for specific person can be use without ingredients. Get full moon manifestation ritual for love from our expert today.

Full Moon Love Spells To Bring Back Lover
Full Moon Love Spells To Bring Back Lover

Full Moon Love Spells to Bring Back lover, are powerful love binding spells. You can try chants, prayers, mantras, and affirmations to recover lost love.

In this regard, cast these;

  • Begin the amber love magnet spell from a Sunday. First, wash an amber stone thoroughly. Then, keep it below your pillow. In the morning, take it with your left hand. Also, write your wish on a paper. Now, follow these 2 in a red silk bag. Finally, carry it close to your heart for the next six days.
  • Again, do the Knot magic love spell on any Friday. Take a new, clean, and long green or red silk string. Focus on your desire in meditation. Tie one knot on the thread each time you recite the spell. After six times, burn it with sandalwood in a fire-proof pot. Later on, bury the ash under a healthy tree in a park or forest.
  • Furthermore, set a purple or white silk cloth on an altar. Now, put a purple candle in the center in a candle holder. Set a silver coin on its south. Then, place four quartz on the four corners of the cloth.
  • Finally, focus on your dream as you hold an apple or an orange in both hands. Then gift it to your lover. You can also replace them with dark chocolate, cherries, and strawberries

Thus, you will undoubtedly find the full moon love spells to bring back lover beneficial.

Full Moon Relationship Spells

Full Moon Relationship Spells, Relationships are very important for a healthy living. As such, you can use full moon relationship spells to preserve them. Moreover, they use the lunar power to bring you closer to your goal.

Accordingly, acknowledge these spells;

  • Cast a Blessing Spell to thank Mother Earth for her endless gifts. Deck up your altar with fresh flowers, burgundy, and green candle. Now, fill a clear glass bowl with spring water. Then, Stir it with your finger in a clockwise direction. Next, take it outside. Now, raise it to see the Moon through the water. Later, pour the water.
  • Again, for Wiccan Spell, you need one pink candle, three white flowers, incense, and essential oil. First, light the incense. Then, pour a few drops of oil on the candle. Place the lighted candle on a holder. Gently remove the petals of 1 white flower, one by one. After doing it with all 3, keep them in a cauldron. Write your name on a paper. Now safely burn it inside the container with the candle flame. Let the candle burn. Finally, bury the ashes in a garden or flowerpot.
  • Furthermore, Keep one red and one pink candle on a red cloth. Pass the Moon gemstone over the candle flames. Now, keep two apple seeds beside the crystal. Sprinkle some basil and cinnamon, remove the candles and take the sheet out. Finally, tie the bundle with a red thread and hide it.

Therefore, you should apply these full moon relationship spells.

Full Moon Desire Love Spells

Full moon desire love spells utilize the magical lunar powers to transform lives with passionate love and affection. Moreover, they use the mystical tidal pulls to attract your lover towards you.

In this regard, cast these spells;

  • Anoint one pink candle with rose oil and light it. Next, mix rose and jasmine oil in water. Now, put the water bowl next to a parchment paper. Hold the candle in your right hand. Now, pour 14 drops of wax on the paper. Simultaneously, focus on your wish. Repeat seven times. Finally, blow off the candle.
  • Additionally, burn the paper. Throw the ashes immediately. Hence, seal your love with the lighting of the candle remains the next full moon.
  • Again, light one white, one pink, and one silver candle. Next, light the incense and lay a paper in front of you. Now, pass one rose quartz through the candle flames and the incense smoke. Also, repeat it with Moonstone. Then, keep the rose quartz on the left and the moonstone on the right sides of the paper. Now, write your names on the paper. Now pour seven drops of wax from each candle on it. Repeat this seven times. Next, fold it three times and place it in the cauldron. Use the silver candle to set it on fire. Throw the ashes. Finally, repeat the next full moon till the candle burns out.

Thus, with full moon desire love spells, you can surely fulfill your heart’s desire.

Full Moon Manifestation Spells

Full Moon Manifestation Spells, You learn to live in tune with your natural environment with full moon manifestation spells. With the tidal pull and durable lunar power, you can also reach your goal easily. Hence, you empower yourself with peace and understanding with life.

Thus, consider these spells;

  • Clear your space either by burning sage or sprinkling rock salt on the corners of your room. Now, meditate for at least 5 minutes. Moreover, focus on the process with all your heart.
  • Again, ask for something to manifest on a New Moon. Then, release your intentions in the Universe. Now, remove the hurdles in your manifestation in the Full Moon.
  • Also, go out in the open, under the full moon. Reflect on your wishes. Let the light shine on you and nourish your soul.
  • Another full moon ritual involves taking a few cleansing breaths. First, be calm and write down your intentions on a paper. Now, you can burn the clearly–mentioned blocks on your path in a fire-proof pot. Finally, take a moon bath and commit moon magic.
  • Furthermore, visualize your manifestation. Then, write it down on a paper. Now, light one white candle on a holder. Next, read your intention aloud. Then, fold the paper. You can either place it under the candle or burn it. Finally, repeat it every full moon until you get your desired results.

Therefore, full moon manifestation spells help you to become strong-willed and focused on your dreams.

Full Moon Return Love Spells

Full moon return love spells has the power to turn your life in a way you desire. Love spells with the help of the full moon is being performed since ancient times. They are also handy. But the procedure requires some attention to complete successfully.

The main requirement is the exact timing of the phase of the moon. If you miss the schedule, the spell will not be valid and so you have to wait for the next one. You have to gather some ingredients of your lover like nails or hair or the cloth they wear to complete such spells. After doing all these things, pray before the moon to obtain your wish.

The process seems a little bit odd but is 100% effective. The main advantage of this spell is that they are safe for everyone. They are used to favor love, harmony, and peace. Doing such a process, you will achieve your wish and will shine like a moon for the rest of your life.

Full Moon Love Spells For A Specific Person

Full Moon Love Spells For A Specific Person, The moon is not just only a medium that helps you provide light in the dark. It also has many of the hidden powers within it. You can also use these powers of full moon love spells for a specific person. 

As we all know that the moon goes through four faces namely full, new, waxing, and waning. Each of these faces lasts until seven days. The most advantageous phase is the full moon. You can make the wish you desire during the complete moon phase for a full advantage.

The full moon phase has been known as the most powerful phase of the moon. The phase has always been preferable for anyone who wants to cast their spell. So for the people who want their true love in their life can use the power of this full moon. The person should be calm and be patient. He should take his own time to assemble all the important indigents at their specific place.

You can also take help from any of the experts who are in such a field. The ingredients also vary with the nature of your wish. So do take care of such things. You have to be very specific in your aim while performing such a procedure.

Always make sure that your candles are lightened up before the moon reaches its full view. Always remember that the timings are very short to cast your love spell during the period of the full moon. Do not lose any such opportunities and plan accordingly. If you lose the moment you have to wait for a few more weeks to ensure your success.

Full Moon Love Spells Without Ingredients

Full Moon Love Spells Without Ingredients, We all know that love is the greatest magic in itself. Combining it with the power of the full moon, you can achieve success. The full moon love spells without ingredients is one of the powerful tools for success.

The simplest way to cast such a spell is to use meditation. If in case you are already a religious person, it will not be so difficult for you. While meditating during the full moon, make sure that your concentration lies on the target person that is your love. You can also increase the time of meditation for effective results. Following this procedure will give you positive energy thus success in the last.

Another simple method to cast the spell without the help of any ingredients is Pagan. For casting such type of spell you have to take a tour of the countryside.

The countryside is free from all the noise and pollution of the city. After that, come out from the car walk a few kilometers deeper than open your heart in front of the full moon. The process will give you peace of mind and ultimate success.

There is one more way that can also be done in the comfort of your home. The process does not require any of the expensive ingredients. When you see the moon is in full phase, sit in the corner of your room.

Then take a blank paper and a set of color pencils. Then imagine and draw yourself on the paper. Now next to that draw the person you love. You can also draw some positions such as kissing or holding hands anything you like. The process will surely bring you success.

Full Moon Manifestation Ritual For Love

The full moon manifestation ritual for love is the process to witness the night of full moon and ask your desire. It can also give spiritual healing you want as the full moon has good potential energy within it. There are many of the rituals that you can follow, depending on your needs. Some of these are given below.

The first ritual you can try to achieve your love needs the following ingredients. You will need a comfortable space, a candle, a matchbox to light the candle, paper, incense, and a pen. Now during the full moon phase, you have to lit the candle and spread some aroma with the help of the incense stick.

Now take the paper and pen and draw any of your desires. The drawing may not be as good no matter, but your feelings should be strong. One such step is over, look towards the moon and recite the things draw and written on paper. By this, your mind will move in the direction of your hope and desire and will suppress negativity.

For the second ritual, you will need sea salt, pillow, either of red color or pink color. You will also need some of your favorite beverage, paper-pen, charm and a bell. For this, on a full moon night, you have to take a bath. Now go outside and sit below the moon, draw a circle with the sea salt.

Inside the circle, sit on the pillow, and by using paper and pen portrait your desire. When it is complete, ring the bell towards the moon and repeat your desire. At last, drink the beverage in the name of your love. The process will complete all your desires.

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