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Spells To Help You Find Your Soulmate
Spells To Help You Find Your Soulmate

Spells To Help You Find Your Soulmate

Spells To Help You Find Your Soulmate can be use to see your soulmate, if you want to attract soulmate then we will providing you surly help regarding this matter. Our astrologer will provide you spells to meet your soulmate.

Spells To Help You Find Your Soulmate
Spells To Help You Find Your Soulmate

There is some different type of spell that can be used by a person who intends to find his/her soulmate of their life. It is black magic which can have a severe consequence if something goes wrong. One must have a focused goal, clear mind, and a relaxed body.

  • Items needed for rituals.
  1. Special paper or cloth. Like cotton, parchment, hemp, etc.
  2. Color of cloth and paper must be white or red.
  3. Ball pen, Quill, Fountain pen with any ink color except black.
  4. Moon Incense.
  5. Charcoal/wood/any other fire component.
  • Timing of the ritual.

Time is very flexible for this spell process. Anytime can be chosen all along with the rising moon because nature and full moon work itself.

  • Processing of ritual

Take the paper and pen write down the wish to find the soulmate but make sure you don’t think about a specific person or write a name on the paper.

“Holy havens if there my soul mate in this world then this work will help to find his/her way to my home.

I will send this message of love to you but not for lust and guide both of us to the unit for our lifetime”.

After this lit, the fire, when the light turns into coal then read, you’ve written on the paper aloud at least three times. In between sprinkle moon intense on fire. Fold the paper and keep it under the pillow at night for three days.

Spell To See Your Soulmate

Spell To See Your Soulmate, For this spell, one should not need any other items to accept water and a big bowl. You can do it any time of the day or night, but there should not be any negative energy at that time; otherwise, it will be failed or can show the wrong result. But the place must be dark. This ritual is just a mental process. This spell needs to relax and clear mind. No thought should be wandering in your account.

  • Item required.
  1. Find the positive energy place and time.
  2. The place must be dark.
  3. Make a start design in the room.
  4. The room must have red color lights.
  5. Big bowl
  • Process of ritual

Firstly, switch on the red lights of the room. And start meditation till your mind is total empty where single though should not wander. Create a big two opposite attached triangle, which makes a big star. Put the bowl in the center of the start and fill it with water. Make sure the moon or sunlight put on that bowl. Then concentrate in your mind while closing your eyes. And say the spell.

  • Spell

Warmer than the summer in the winter or spring,

More lovely and tastier filling than the food

sweet and cuter than a man/woman

And dearest than the blood flows in my veins.

Stronger than the waves of the water

And kinder than the drove.”

Repeat these lines again and again till you see the image in the bowl.

Spells To Attract Soulmate

Spells To Attract Soulmate, Some rituals must follow while spelling, including with the requirement of some items like candles, salt, roses, etc. Following are the steps to create an environment for a person should read or speak the spell to attract his/her soulmate.

Step1: Find the Sacred space, which must be clean, ordered, and quiet and which is far from where one does daily activities to spell.

Step2: Bring and ready all the equipment’s you needed for rituals like incense, candles, roses, salt, etc. before starting the rituals because one can’t get up in between.

Step3: One should make his/her mind and body relax by bathing, meditation, or by remembering the enjoyable activities and memories. Because relax and happy mind can increase the success rate.

Step4: Then go and sit on sacred space, draw a line over yourself and call God or angel for your protection.

Step5: Start the rituals according to the plan.

Step6: Use red cloth, which indicates love/passion. Lay white line, red rose, and red candle on it.

Step7: Lit the candles all that place in the room.

Step8: Spell “I Invite my love from soulmate towards my life.”

Step9: Take red roses or followers in your hands.

  • Spells

“My beautiful soulmate, I invite you to share my whole life with you together until the end of death. Our honest and divine love will make us happy and fulfill our dreams.

I request my protector to send my message to my soulmate and help me to attract him”.

Spells To Meet Your Soulmate

Spells To Meet Your Soulmate, This spell is also sensitive interval can have severe adverse effects or result. This spell should be done only under the full moon. But it should be spelled correctly. Everyone may have more than one soulmate so, it is not necessary to meet them during your lifetime, but there must be one will fit you only then if he/she is ready to meet you.

  • Item required
  1. A lot of red and yellow roses petals.
  2. One white and three yellow candles.
  3. A single glass of herbal mint tea.
  • Processing

Firstly, find a special dark place which must not be noisy. Then set all yellow color candles in the form of a triangle. And put the white candle at the center of the triangle and spread the follower petal around it. Leaf spread in a circular shape. The circle should be big enough that you can have enough space to sit inside the ring. Then start saying the spell loudly.

“I Invoke the God or angle of love to find and meet my soulmate.

And I involve God or an angel of love to end my loneliness.

Now I invoke God or an angel of love to fulfill my wish.”

After saying it for 21 times, drink the tea then quench the candle one by one. Firstly, extinguish the white candle then the yellow candles. And collect all the follower petals and dry them for 1-2 two weeks in between the two aluminum sheets. After leaf, completely dry pour them into the river or steam.

Wiccan Spells To Attract Love

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