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Spells To Keep Someone Away From The One You Love 5/5 (11)

Spells To Keep Someone Away From The One You Love

Spells To Keep Someone Away From The One You Love, Love has marred the human soul forever. Where there is love there are a plethora of other emotions. The most significant of which is the fear of losing your love.

Especially in today’s era, when the social and personal principles are literally fading away, no one really cares for true love. One doesn’t think twice before stealing someone’s love. If you are a victim of such an unforgiving act, then you can protect your love by using the spells to keep someone away from the one you love.

Spells To Keep Someone Away From The One You Love

Spells To Keep Someone Away From The One You Love

The mind is fickle has always intervened and corrupted the emotions of the heart. At times, even when the heart is pure of intentions, it’s the thoughts of the mind and the misguided actions that threaten relationships.

It’s usually the men who give in to the temptations of the mind and go astray. It’s not always that they have fallen out of love. At times, it’s just a moment’s lapse. But when it comes to a woman wanting a man, she may use this moment’s lapse and trap a good man forever.

If someone has done that to your man, he has gotten himself in a situation, he can’t get out of. In such a case, you will have to step in and pull him out of the trap and you can use the spells to keep someone away from the one you love to do so.

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Do not quit on your love. Do not be passive and hope your partner will realize your worth or value your emotions. Often the partner is the most clueless on in such cases.

Your partner simply acts like a possessed being under someone else’s influence. It’s the competitor who is calling the shots and driving your partner away. So, it’s better to use the spells to pushing someone away that you love .

Often one feels, love shouldn’t be forced. The ideal way of love has been professed by poetry and literature and has made one believe any other way is wrong. But the fact is love is a matter of heart and when the heart feels something it cannot be wrong.

We may think to be rigid and stubborn about something would be selfish, but in matters of heart it is not seen as selfishness rather as possessiveness and there is a difference between the two. So, even if you have to cast spells to make someone move far away to protect your love from another individual it is fair.


  1. To perform the spells to keep someone away from the one you love ritual, you need to be at a quiet place that is not too populated. As far from the human residents as possible.
  2. You will need A photo and a tag lock (personal item) of the person, a pin, black thread, vinegar, salt, and a jar with a lid.
  3. A tag lock is an important artifact in casting this spells. It is an item that belongs to the person you are targeting and has in some way formed an emotional link with the person, making it easy to target the spell.
  4. Fold it such that all corners are pulled inwards. Fold it once over again and use the pin to secure the folds.
  5. Place the tag lock over the folded photo and tie it together with black thread. If the taglock is a piece of cloth, you can also pin it, before tying it together.
  6. Place this folded photo and tag lock in the jar.
  7. Now chant the voodoo spell every time you pour a few drops of vinegar and sprinkle salt into the jar.



  1. Repeat the chanting it at least 9 times.
  2. Now seal the lid and securely keep it in some dark place, where no one can see or touch it.

While the spells to pushing someone away that you love may seem simple, it derives its energy from you directly. The emotional framework you are experiencing at the time of casting the spell influences the extent of the witchcraft.

So, it is critical, that you never practice spells to pushing someone away that you love when you are in a foul mood.  As it would lead to more dire consequences than you would have intended, for the person you are targeting. Always be composed and focused while you practice the voodoo witchcraft.

With the evolving definition of love among youngsters these days, it has become difficult to nurture your relationships. Yet, if you are a soul who believes in holding on to your love, rather than forgetting and moving on, the spells to keep someone away from the one you love is apt to ensure that your love stays with you and is not snatched away by someone.

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