Spells to Increase Customers to Your Business 5/5 (17)

Spells to Increase Customers to Your Business
Spells to Increase Customers to Your Business

Spells to Increase Customers to Your Business

Anyone wants to increase Customers to Your Business, In Today’s age, Money has been the concern for every individual irrespective of cast, creed,and gender. There’s no one who’s spared by the troubles of financial challenges. Whether you are in service, self-employed or businessman, you have encountered the ordeal of getting by with little cash in hand.

Spells to Increase Customers to Your Business
Spells to Increase Customers to Your Business

Money has been the source of all the great happiness and tragedies. Be it families or countries. People have fought over it and even killed each other. If only, Individuals had kept their minds open, they would have never had to steal from another person. It’s strange that one is ready to harm another living soul to gain money but is not willing to open one’s mind to accept the power of occult practices. They could generate their own wealth by doing the simple spells to increase customers to your business.

Occult Practices in spite of their controversial reputation have served individuals for ages. Even those who are the masters in the occult science never do it for themselves rather do it for others who come to them seeking help. That is the nature of Occult science. It works when the energy is positive and selfless. If you want to avoid being in such a situation in the future, then you can use this spells to get benefits.

how to increase customers to your business

Money is one of the most sought-after ambitions in the world. And it’s no surprise as everything in the world runs on money. Even those who claim not to value money are dependent on it. There simply cannot be a comfortable existence without decent financial resource. So, if you wish to not be in a forever crunch, you can simply use the spells to increase customers to your business.

Wealth like any other aspect of nature works on the same principle. It goes where it is attracted and shuns the places where it feels a repulse. In order to attract wealth, first and foremost, one needs to be mentally convinced that one deserves more wealth. Just by thinking that you need wealth it wouldn’t work. You need to believe that you deserve it too. Then when you cast it, you will see the transformation taking place.

Always keep your money spots/shelves at home and workplace clean. Wealth likes to get accumulated at a clean space. Also, never keep your money spots empty. Always leave some money in it. Pick a favorite coin and energize it by casting the spells to increase customers to your business. You can then keep this coin in your wallet all the time.



The following Spell /Charm has to be performed either on a Full Moon, New Moon or on a Thursday when it’s the Waxing Moon.

To cast the customers increase spells, you will need

  • Few notes of Currency.
  • Gallon of Water
  • A jug and a bucket
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Epsom Salt
  • Ginger, Cloves, Mint & Coconut Oil
  1. Take a bucket of water. Put Cinnamon sticks, Epsom salt, cloves, ginger, a bunch of mint and coconut oil in it. Let them soak in the water.
  2. Now, take a bath using this energized water. After the bath, let it soak, don’t wipe yourself, rather just pat dry.
  3. Pick a quiet, clean place in your room and settle down for casting the spells to increase customers.
  4. Cleanse your ingredients by sprinkling Epsom Salt on them.
  5. Place the currency on a flat surface and sprinkle water on it. Let the currency note soak in the water.
  6. Dipyour index finger of the dominant hand into the water, then touch the cinnamon with it,
  7. Now smear the wet currency note with your finger from end to end, not leaving any spot on the currency untouched.
  8. Draw 5 lines on the currency from far end towards you. While you are doing this ritual, recite that you are happy to receive the money and would use it wisely.
  9. Fold the currency and keep it in your wallet.
  10. Take a flat piece of cinnamon stickand keep it in your wallet.
Spells to Increase Customers to Your Business
Spells to Increase Customers to Your Business

You can choose to perform the spells may help ritual by yourself but as with any occult practices, it’s the mastery over the ritual that yields results. It may seem like the process is not working but usually, it is because you may have missed a step or two or done mentioned spells incorrectly.

Ideally, you can reach out to occult masters or voodoo experts and seek their help in performing the spells to increase customers to your business. They would be in a better position to understand your situation and suggest a more suitable approach. Some Experts also offer an anointed and energized talisman after performing it on your behalf. You can then simply wear the talisman and see the miracle taking place in your life.


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